Rubber Rope

Resilient and durable

Flexible and extendable rubber rope from Stanke is wrapped around a rubber core. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and UV radiation, therefore it can be used outdoors, like when sailing or fishing.

Stanke rubber rope is available in several colours: green, red, yellow, blue and black.

Available sizes (Ø mm):

  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
Rubber Rope

<p>rope available<br /> on a spool</p>

rope available
on a spool



<p>durable with<br /> heavy loads</p>

durable with
heavy loads

<p>springy<br /> and flexible</p>

and flexible

<p>various<br /> colours</p>


<p>various<br /> sizes</p>



  • Sport and Tourism
  • Sailing
  • Automotive
  • Advertising Constructions

Due to its properties, rubber rope is well known for its versatile applications. It‘s  often used not only in sailing industry, but also in rehabilitation or in sports. It is resilient and resistant to tearing, that’s why it is often used in mounting of billboards and banners.

The secret to the elasticity of the rope lies in its core. Synthetic materials used in the production and in the design, prevents it from breaking. Ropes are resistant to various weather conditions.

See other Stanke ropes:
Cotton Rope

Natural twisted cotton rope in bright, creamy colour. Hand-made from three strands. Used in sailing, home and garden.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope In PVC

PVC stainless steel wire rope combines the advantages of stainless steel and PVC.

Brass Coated Steel Wire Rope In PVC

Flexible brass coated steel wire rope from STANKE has undergone brass process which consists of applying a thin layer of brass to steel.

Sisal Rope

Ecological sisal rope from STANKE is made from special agave plant. Often used in hand crafted toys or decorations.

Hemp Rope

Ecological, twisted hemp rope from Stanke is made from strong plant fibers. Light-coloured rope that is prone to dyeing.

Jute Rope

Jute rope is made from raw material of plant origin. It is lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant.

Rubber Rope

Flexible and extendable rubber rope from Stanke is wrapped around a rubber core. Resistant to abrasion and UV radiation.

Polypropylene (PP) Rope

High quality polypropylene rope braided from synthetic fibers. Constructed from pure polypropylene, this rope is weather and UV radiation resistant.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless steel wire rope made from 100% stainless steel is characterized by strength, low elongation and resistance to corrosion.

PVC Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized steel wire rope from Stanke is additionally covered with transparent PVC coating. The cable is durable and flexible.